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Long engaged upon another work, in the shape of " l Uustratious of the Pathology of the Ear," for which I possess a large amount of material, I nevertheless require much more. volume has been passing through the press, two recent spe- cimens, received from medical men in the country, have elucidated two entire series of preparations in my Museum.* I need scarcely draw attention to the beautifrd illustra- tions in this volume, which, with two or three exceptions, were drawn from nature, on wood, by Mr. Few references having been made in the body of this volume, to the investigations on which it is foimded, I have given, in an Appendix, a list of my published papers, to- gether with their dates, so that the reader may refer to them when he thinks it desirable to do so. Neglect of the sttidj of tlie morbid nnntomy of the cur, ihs cauae of our igoo- nince of aural surgery — Mode of investiga Ung the diseases of the ear — Method of dissecting the ear, CHAPTER II. Anatomical observations — Use of the external ear — Effect of Iha removal of the external ear (cast;) — Pathological observations — Malformalions of the external ear, with abdtnce of the external meatus (cases) — Supurnu- merary ears — Inflammatory diseases — Chronic erysipelas — Chronic ec- lemt— Cysts — Tumors — Deposits— Malignant disease, .... Oneona Matter derelopei] rrooi the va Ue of the Meat DB Bilernni, 44.

' It alwajs affords me much pleasure to show my Museum to medical men. Mollnscoui Tumor filling the whole uf tbe Meatus Exlcmoa, .... Oavitj in Che Meatus Eitemaa from which a Mailasooai tumor has been lem OTed, 48.

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laring power wa* not It thus appears that of the 165 ears from which ceriunen was re- moved, onlj 60 were cured; that, including the 43 cases which were much improved, there were 103 cases of great amelioration, while there were 62 ears that were either but slightly or not at all im- proved.

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Aportnrei in the upper wall of the Meatus Eilarous com muni Dating with the Cerebral Tavilj, pro Jup«J by a Mo Uu Moua Tumor 47.

The Triangular Shining Spot at the anterior and inferior part of the aurfaoe of the Merabrana Tympani 48.

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