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(Erin Patrick O'Connor, Nicki De Marco/The Washington Post) In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein story, chef and television personality Mario Batali offered up his views on how to combat sexual harassment in the workplace for an Oct. “You need a workplace free of fear, that harbors an excellent feeling of the potential for collaboration and creativity,” he said.“And if you want to keep really talented people around, you need to create an environment for them that harbors excellence.” Weeks later, Batali has taken leave from his restaurants and has been removed from co-hosting duties on ABC’s “The Chew” after the website Eater reported today that four women, all unnamed, have accused Batali of sexual harassment. Why is the restaurant industry so terrible for women?“Isaac was subjected to vicious discrimination including anti-gay, racial and sexual slurs and ridicule,” his lawyer, Eric M. “He had the utmost respect for upper management, but when he complained about his mistreatment they turned a blind eye.” [New York’s acclaimed Sushi Nakazawa is accused of wage theft ahead of its D. debut in Trump hotel] In a 2011 suit, Babbo server Eugene Gibbons alleged that employees (other than Batali) would regularly hit him on the buttocks and grab his genitals, while Batali and co-owner Joe Bastianich did nothing.Gibbons declined to comment to The Washington Post, citing his settlement from the lawsuit. Gossip columns have also hinted at Batali’s behavior far before our current #Me Too moment.Nava, who is gay, alleges that colleagues called him a “f****t” and “girly,” and that Batali should have done more to stop the abuse.

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In May, Babbo pastry chef Isaac Franco Nava filed suit, alleging that he was harassed because of his sexual orientation.

The lawsuit names the restaurant as well as Batali individually.

Batali did not appear on Monday’s episode of “The Chew,” which was prerecorded.

[Mario Batali’s co-hosts address his absence from ‘The Chew’] And the hospitality group co-owned by Batali and Bastianich also released a statement, noting that the company has had sexual harassment policies and training in place for 10 years, but would take additional measures to make it easier for employees to raise complaints about higher-ups.

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