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The LED array on the probe did not provide much ambient light, so Rover was unable to examine the walls and floor of the chamber, much less the back of the blocking slab.

Even the view of the opposite block was limited by the quality of the light.

With the center being overly reflective and the periphery fading into darkness, details were hard to make out.

What appeared to be cracks could just as easily be tool marks, mason’s lines, flaking, or just shadows.

There is an old adage that cave explorers use—take only pictures, leave only footprints.

To accomplish these objectives, the mission would have to meet certain criteria as well.

The tube-mounted camera on Pyramid Rover was unable to look around the inside of the chamber and the light quality was not fully up to task.

The blocking slab and final U-block were also smoother and of higher craftsmanship than the rest of the shaft blocks.

The Rover mission also confirmed that the blocking slab was affixed with two copper pins that were bent downward at a 90-degree angle.

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