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The more personalized the coaching gets, the more beneficial it is to you.For example an online dating coach can review your profile and pictures and help you improve it.Some can even offer to review your messages and screen what you write before you hit send.On the previous page I talked a lot about pickup, and PUA’s, with the view to countering criticisms about them.It’s easy for me to tell you to be fun, act in the moment, and kiss her at the right time. Aside from the usual pickup bootcamp stuff to help overcome approach anxiety with girls, I had one exceptional coach that noticed certain patterns in my conversations that were sabotaging me.It’s another thing to be able to just go out there and do it. I was habitually talking over girls, interrupting them when they were trying to tell me something.And developing positive qualities, such as being more fun, being emotionally open, and being a better listener.As I mentioned earlier there is a whole industry of dating coaches out there, both for men and women.

I remember results improving quite a bit just from that simple fix.

If you wish to super charge your results it’s always better to find a mentor or a coach.

As with learning any skill, be it basketball, or attraction, a good coach can point out your flaws and help you improve.

I was coming across as a jerk, and didn’t even realize it.

I thought about this and realized it was due to my own low self-esteem, where I felt the need to keep talking to impress them.

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