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a.m.: We fall asleep 3 a.m.: I have a nightmare where all of my ex-boyfriends run a record store together, and I wander in off the street by accident. One draws a connect-the-dots image of himself ejaculating a bunch of balloons and tries to hand it to me.I refuse it, then wake up, trying, and failing, to make any sense of it.3 p.m.: I close my office door and try to cool down.I met night; he was in hookup mode and I was in I-just-got-dumped-don’t-touch-me-I-want-to-die mode, so we didn’t connect. Soon enough, I was ready to be touched again; I set my sights on him, and it’s been happy trails ever since. p.m.: I think about my boyfriend from college, and how horrified I was when he asked me for a rim job.It often feels like and I spend every waking second together, but he does have his own apartment — a total bachelor crash pad in Astoria — and he is there tonight. p.m.: After we get off the phone, we send each other goofy text messages to wash away the taste of the fight.The newest collection of the most popular best pay porn sites including over 1k quality porn videos.

p.m.: As we cook dinner together, I get slightly depressed at the thought of being 28 and already sacrificing sex for sleep.I put a layer of pink lipstick on his mouth, and then have him kiss me all over my body. p.m.: He says, “I’m a bad girl with a big dick.” In return, I give him a blow job. p.m.: We have sex first with me on my back, then with me on top.New galleries added every day, so please bookmark Fatty Thumbs and come back later to see the new ones. p.m.: We can’t stop poring through the catalogue and start getting a little handsy with each other.

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