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This fragrance is well rounded, smooth and has a pinch of tobacco and honey.

I think this is a perfect polo shirt and Date night fragrance for the fall.

The model of the fragrance advertising campaign will be the actor Matthew Mc Conaughey, who will next week join the designers in the NYC.

This fragrance is an excellent example of "good things don't last long". for performance you MUST test on your skin, if performance is bad, try the EDP.

The blend of these three notes is heavenly, a sweet rich slightly spiced tobacco.

I think one note that gets lost in this opening is the mint.

In the meantime, the compliments are: "Oh I know this scent, It smells nice." you know, uniqueness gone! It is a generic masculine scent but absolutely nothing special. Well if i reapply the One EDT every 30 minutes i will definitely get a compliment each time but after 30-60 minutes it will completely disappear like a beautiful whiff.

Final Review: 8/10 It lacks performance, the EDP is definitely better than this one in terms of longevity. Even on clothes it mainly stays for few hours while some people have a better luck with this than me.

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