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“The brief was to depict an event from the story, the finding of the sword, which would show right from start, that this is a different type of story about the sword Excalibur, set firmly in the modern day, but tied to the past – the author wanted an element of kitsch and chose the cheesy font.” submitted Keepers of the Stone: Book Two: Exile designed by Andrew Anzur Clement.

It features the story’s protagonist-antagonist character & one of the protagonists (who can turn into a cat). ^_^ Hugs, Ann” Nice series design, and I think this one is the strongest because the male character engages with us.

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The heavily stressed cover looks like it’s been put through a shredder, even annihilating some of the text at the bottom.

But the energy, intensity, and clear message delivered in layers of meaning make this cover a true winner.

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