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His intellectual contemporaries knew well that the stage for this transgressing love-and-rape-story was Africa because, according to the wisdom of the time, drills lived in Guinea.In the following centuries, simianisation would enter into different sciences and humanities.It popularised its repellent combination of sexist and racist representations.The climax was the hugely successful classic of Hollywood's horror factory, King Kong.Images that put men on a level with rats carrying epidemic plagues were part of the ideological escort of anti-Jewish and anti-Chinese racism.Africa is labelled as a contagious continent incubating pestilences of all sorts in hot muggy jungles, spread by reckless and sexually unrestrained people.

This is just the latest chapter in a long and ugly line of stereotypes directed against different people like the Irish or Japanese, and Africans and African Americans in particular.The artists fully understood the interplay of racist ideology, reactionary reporting and southern injustice.They recognised that the white public had been thoroughly conditioned by the dehumanising violence of animal comparisons and simianised representations, as in the reel racism of King Kong.At the time of King Kong's production the public in the US was riveted by a rape trial.The Scottsboro Boys were nine black teenagers accused of having raped two young white women.

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