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Season 2, Episode 11January 17, 2014Carrie tries to help a struggling Bennet at work, but instead, they both land in trouble.Elsewhere, Samantha adopts an unexpected attitude about her latest affair; Sebastian's dad asks him for huge favor; and Tom is deceived by a fellow lawyer.Season 2, Episode 2November 1, 2013Carrie and Walt have problems with their new roommate.Meanwhile, Samantha dispenses sex advice to Mouse; Walt tries to declare his true feelings to Bennet; and Tom's plans for a romantic weekend with his girlfriend go awry.Season 2, Episode 13January 31, 2014In the series finale, Carrie's relationship with her dad grows strained, and she gets surprising news from Larissa and Sebastian.Meanwhile, problems with Pete lead Maggie to seek comfort from Walt; Mouse and West find themselves in a predicament; and Samantha ponders moving.

Elsewhere, Mouse attempts to ignore Maggie at the country club; and Tom discovers that Dorrit has a boyfriend.

Season 2, Episode 8December 20, 2013Carrie interviews the CEO of a jeans company for an article she hopes Interview will publish.

Meanwhile, some news puts distance between Mouse and West; Tom gives guidance to Walt; and Maggie struggles to tell her dad the truth about recent events.

Season 2, Episode 6December 6, 2013Carrie develops writer's block, and Weaver's efforts to help her do more harm than good.

Elsewhere, surprising news bonds Maggie and Sebastian; and Walt worries about his personal safety when Bennet moves into a shady neighborhood.

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Season 2, Episode 7December 13, 2013Carrie reads an ugly rumor about herself in a gossip paper, so Samantha sets out to correct things.

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