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Finally, I will conclude by considering the future directions of Moldovan cinema, both in the domain of cinema scholarship and film production.

To be sure, this study is intended as only an introduction of some key works and figures, and I recognize that much more research on the topic remains to be done, especially regarding films made before 1991.

Partecipare ai progetti di volontariato a favore dei nostri bambini in Moldova.

E de notat că la realizarea programului cultural din anul acesta au luat parte si copiii nostri - generatia a doua de emigranti- care au urcat pe scenă cu mândrie pentru tara lor de origine. Gramatic un băiat de 12 ani, care ne reprezintă tara si cu alte ocazii, doinind frumos din fluier.

Telefilm-Chisinau was also productive, turning out over 300 documentaries, music videos, and telefilms.

Basarabenii s-au presentat cu trei piese muzicale,cu dansurile formaţiei „Hora Moldovei” si două cântece interpretate de Isabelle Haile, o tânără moldoveancă talentată, care studiază în anul trei la liceul stiintific "Francesco D'Assisi" si e studentă si Dansatorii din „Hora Moldovei” au reusit să-i facă pe toti spectatorii să se prindă într-o horă moldovenească si era curios să vezi lumea aceea multicoloră, persoane de diferite vârste, religii si culturi, cum joacă tot asa ca la noi Toti au rămas incântati de standul nostru, “Casa Mare”, unde ca de obicei nu au lipsit si lucrăturile manuale (mileuri), care au trezit curiozitatea publicului.

To date, no full-length study of Moldovan film exists in English, which has left a significant gap in the cinema scholarship on both the former Soviet nations and Eastern Europe in general. In what follows, I will provide an overview of post-Soviet Moldovan cinema.

To that end, I will first discuss the dynamics of Moldova’s film production before and after its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Ultimately, it is my sincere hope that if this article achieves nothing else, it at least demonstrates that in spite of the significant challenges confronting Moldova, a small group of committed filmmakers have been able to produce a number of impressive works whose aesthetic ambition and thematic density are disproportionate to their home country’s geographic size and economic strength.

To understand why the recent upstart in Moldova’s artistic production merits attention, it is necessary to provide an historical sketch of its filmmaking climate before and after its independence.

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