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If you’re not both enthusiastically headed towards real commitment, your best strategy is to cut your losses and get back into the dating pool.8.We Fall Victim to the Sunk Cost Fallacy We often stay in bad relationships because we’ve already invested lots time and effort to try and make the relationship work. But this is a poor strategy, because our prior investment is immaterial.Men with an Avoidant attachment style minimize closeness and view intimacy as a loss of independence.They are frequently drawn to Anxious women, who crave intimacy and worry about their partner’s ability to love them back.Because we face a more aggressive timeline than men do in terms of family formation, it’s especially important that we repair or exit stalled relationships.If your partner is content to “just leave things the way they are” the odds are that what you have now is the most you will ever have with this person.

We choose novelty, adventure and impulsivity over stability, loyalty and empathy.Rather than go back into the dating pool both men and women tend to reduce their standards.“These studies found that fear of being single consistently predicted higher levels of romantic interest in less responsive and less attractive dating targets.Taken together, the present research suggests that fear of being single is a meaningful predictor of settling for less in relationships.”9.(See #8) But it makes no sense to settle early for someone we’re not head over heels for.And it never pays to settle for a man who isn’t cut out for marriage and/or fatherhood.10.

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Trouble is, he likes himself better than anyone else.

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